Apex Accounting Plus, LLC (Apex) is dedicated to providing OUTSTANDING service to small businesses and individuals. The firm started doing business as Hall Consulting Services and operated for seven years under the management/ownership of Mike Hall, CPA. Mike recognized the need shared by many small business owners that were good at running their businesses, but did not necessarily understand how to best manage their financial needs/requirements. Mike has helped many small business owners who were hard-pressed in terms of not having accurate/timely financial records available when it came time to apply for loans, do annual taxes, or just simply missing out on an insightful view of their own business in making daily business decisions.

Apex continues the high level of service and competency that the community trusted with Hall Consulting Services and specializes in providing PERSONAL AND FLEXIBLE services to meet the specific business needs of each client. As part of that customized solutions approach, Apex offers a free initial consultation to obtain an understanding of each client’s specific situation and formulate a strategy to meet each client’s unique set of needs. Our broad array of experience and skills cover the vast majority of client needs; however, if it is determined that the needs are not specifically within our experience and skill set, we will attempt to connect the client with additional resources to address them.

We take great pride in becoming a KEY STRATEGIC ADVISOR to each client throughout the year. As part of this client relationship, we enjoy showing clients how to capitalize on technology to streamline time and effort spent on transaction processing and to develop key insights into the business to drive profitable growth. One of our key passions is to help a client get the financial records of the business updated and then develop a strong process to keep them relevant and timely while TRANSFORMING this information into ACTIONABLE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.

Together, these two CPA’s are PASSIONATE about leveraging their experience and energy to service the needs of the small business market. Keeping in touch with its roots, Apex Accounting Plus, LLC is fully committed to offering exceptional service at VERY AFFORDABLE RATES in comparison to larger CPA firms. Thereby small business owners can afford a key strategic advisor to help their business thrive. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to assisting in the future prosperity of your small business!